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NEWS – 3 November 2018

New site online!
More pictures, easy to operate, responsive photo galleries and a completely new layout 🙂
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WK 10 2019 – Okay, the first ‘picture of the week’ since 10 weeks 😉
Many autumn and winter weeks; sad, wet weather and honestly I did not want to stay in a dull bird house.
I initially had the plan to post a weekly winter photo, but it has turned out again; I think am more of a herpetologist than a photographer.
Ok, I’ll keep it short as there is work to be done 🙂
The good news for now is: IT’S SPRING! The camera has been taken out and we can search for our cold-blooded friends again! 🐍🐸
The first herp picture of the season: Common frogs (Rana temporaria) in amplex from my garden pond. Let the season begin!

WK 52 2018 – Although there are different colors of apisadders (Vipera aspis) to be found, I think the greyish animals are the most special of them all, especially if they have such a clearly contrasted pattern like this one.
Found on a rocky southern slope, on the edge of a forest about 1300 m. ASL.

WK 51 2018 – The only venomous snake in the Netherlands; the common European adder (Vipera berus). Due to many reasons such as fragmentation and destruction of their natural habitat, the adder isn’t unfortunately that ‘common’ anymore. All the more a reason to protect and respect them. This picture of the week is an adult female adder, found at my study site on the Veluwe

WK 50 2018 – Another stunning alpine Asp viper (Vipera aspis ‘atra’) from Italy in its natural habitat, around 1300 ASL.
From exactly the same locatian as previous post!

WK 49 2018 – A gorgeous Asp viper (Vipera aspis atra) crawling through its rocky habitat on a
beautiful (late) summer day in September. Always a pleasure finding a snake like this! 🙂

WK 48 2018 – And finally… After a long week of searching there it was; the Walser’s viper (Vipera walser)
On this lucky last day of my herptrip to Northern Italy the weather was a little bit better which actually means; much more suitable to find this species 🙂
This beautiful male was enjoying the morning sun beside his hiding spot; a big rock on a southern slope at about 1300 above sea level.
It was a nice reward on the last day!
© RonKrol.com

WK 47 2018 – In September I went to the Italian Alps to find the Walser’s viper. It was a hard time finding this one due to the hot sun-drenched days.
On the very last day I reached the target. It was somewhat colder that day and fortunately with less sun.
The days before, the weather was more suitable for the other viper spieces which occurs in the same envorinment; the Asp viper (Vipera aspis)
I found several amazing colored Asp vipers, including this nice contrasted orange male:
© RonKrol.com

WK 46 2018 – Some ‘homework’ for WAN (Workinggroup Adderresearch Netherlands).
Entering the data from last season (Vipera berus)
© Ron Krol

WK 45 2018 – A head scale comparison between 3 beautiful European vipers.
From left to right: Seoane’s viper (Vipera seoanei), Common European adder (Vipera berus), Walser’s viper (Vipera walser).
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© Ron Krol

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