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NEWS – 3 November 2018

New site online!
More pictures, easy to operate, responsive photo galleries and a completely new layout 🙂
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WK 47 2018 – In September I went to the Italian Alps to find the Walser’s viper. It was a hard time finding this one due to the hot sun-drenched days.
On the very last day I reached the target. It was somewhat colder that day and fortunately with less sun.
The days before, the weather was more suitable for the other viper spieces which occurs in the same envorinment; the Asp viper (Vipera aspis)
I found several amazing colored Asp vipers, including this nice contrasted orange male:
© RonKrol.com

WK 46 2018 – Some ‘homework’ for WAN (Workinggroup Adderresearch Netherlands).
Entering the data from last season (Vipera berus)
© Ron Krol

WK 45 2018 – A head scale comparison between 3 beautiful European vipers.
From left to right: Seoane’s viper (Vipera seoanei), Common European adder (Vipera berus), Walser’s viper (Vipera walser).
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